Say It Like Miss Austen: A Jane Austen Phrase Thesaurus

Say It Like Miss Austen: A Jane Austen Phrase Thesaurus

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Author: Scheuermann, Stefan

Brand: Publishing

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 264

Release Date: 12-10-2015

Part Number: black & white illustrations

Details: From the Author I was reading Pride and Prejudice (not for the first time). As I came across some of the lovelier passages, I imagined how I could use them in conversation, wishing I would hear such language from others. The idea soon came to me to put together a simple guide to including Austenian language into daily conversation. I scoured every surviving word by Jane Austen that I could get my hands on, from her major novels to her juvenilia to her personal letters. I extracted the wittiest, most beautiful, and most quintessentially Austen phrases, translated them into the common phrases of today and created this Jane Austen phrase thesaurus. My hope is that readers will have a good laugh and begin to bring beauty back to English expression. Please feel free to contact me for ideas on activities and fun ways to use the book, through the book's Facebook page "Say It Like Miss Austen". Sincerely, Stefan Scheuermann Product Description This book is a guide to speaking and writing like a Jane Austen character. With more than 1,400 of Jane Austen's most elegant and witty phrases, quoted directly from her major novels, unfinished work, short stories, juvenilia, and personal letters, all placed into categories of expressional needs, with translations into the common phrases of today, this phrase thesaurus is a guide to conversing like the heroes, heroines, and villains of Jane Austen's sublime body of work. This book also serves as a study into the evolution of English expression, from the late 18th century to today. Jane Austen's letters to her sister, Cassandra, were the equivalent of today's phone calls, e-mails, and texts, giving us voyeuristic insight into normal, daily expressions Jane Austen never intended to be published. For the words that have fallen out of use, this book contains a glossary of original definitions, written with Austen-esque wit and sarcasm. An ocean of the loveliest phrases from one of English Literature's most celebrated writers, whose increasing acclaim has brought her elegant phrases into popular culture, is captured in this book. About the Author Stefan Scheuermann was born in Louisiana. As a teenager, he moved to Colorado with his family. He earned his Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Regis University in Denver, with an emphasis in 18th & 19th century British Literature. He has taught English Research Composition at Metropolitan State University of Denver and has enjoyed a long career of performing and teaching ballet. Mr. Scheuermann continues his passionate vocation of English literary study and continues to teach ballet. The focus of Mr. Scheuermann's literary efforts is to introduce the gems of English Literature back into popular culture and revive the exquisite and vividly expressive language of his favorite genres of English Literature.

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