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Welcome to the Regency Marketplace!  This special place was something I envisioned many years ago as a beautiful oasis for all things Regency and Jane Austen: a place where one could escape from the breakneck pace of today's world, and enter into an era of elegance, charm, and wit.

Growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, my experiences in the living history museum of Colonial Williamsburg gave me an unparalleled insight into the beauty of bringing the past alive.  As a costumed interpreter I participated in the re-enactment of historical events, dance performances and balls at the Governor’s Palace, and bringing historical figures to life such as Jefferson’s eldest daughter, Patsy, as a young woman living in France while her father was Ambassador.

My love for historical dressmaking and skills I had already developed enabled me to be accepted as an apprentice in the Historic Area's millinery shop at the age of 15, and while in character as a costumed apprentice working in the shop I continued to refine my skills in dressmaking, embroidery, and all manner of historical techniques.  At age 17, I was featured in Seventeen Magazine as a young historical interpreter focused on bringing history to life.

I still enjoy teaching historical dressmaking, historical dance and etiquette in addition to teaching traditional harp, and currently live on the far western frontier of the New World with my three delightful little children and “my” Mr. Knightley.  At our house, tea time is a daily ritual and baking traditional treats is a cherished pastime!

This unique background, combined with a lifelong love of Jane Austen and the Regency Era, are the guiding influences behind Regency Marketplace. I sincerely hope that you find much to delight you in this celebration of the grace and beauty of an Era so distinct it still captivates us two hundred years later.

Christina Denton, Proprietress