The Jane Austen Box Playlist

Access your “Christmas At Pemberley” Playlist here:
Enjoy a selection of traditional Christmas music, from choral presentations to jolly instrumental renditions, including ancient tunes through the 19thc favorites.
Access your “Autumn in Highbury” Jane Austen Box Emma-inspired playlist here:
The various Emma adaptations have produced some really beautiful soundtracks!!  The newest, 2020 Emma. film is no exception....Enjoy selections from a few of the Emma films, as well as an excerpt from the novel!
Looking for more Austen-esque playlists?  Explore our past Jane Austen Box Spotify playlists!  
Access your “Hopeless Romantic” Jane Austen Box Playlist here:
For February, we have a lovely selection of romantic, Jane Austen inspired theme music.    
Access your “Healthy Heroines” Jane Austen box Playlist here:
This month, we have drawn from the wealth of gorgeous Jane Austen film scores’ to create a lovely, easy listening mix, perfect for accompanying a long walk!
Access your “Celebrating Jane” playlist for the December Jane Austen Box here:
Featuring some of Jane Austen’s music collection and other favorite composers!
Access your Persuasion-inspired playlist for the November Jane Austen Box here:
A lovely selection of music that brings to life the chariots moods of Persuasion, from an Italian concert in Bath to seafaring songs to classical pieces evocative of the 1995 Amanda Root film version!
Access your Regency Music Playlist for the October Jane Austen Box here:
Enjoy a beautiful variety of English Country Dance music spanning 3 centuries!  Featuring a selection of dances from the 17thc through 19thc, and played in a variety of styles.