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Pride and Prejudice & Northanger Abbey
Pride and Prejudice & Northanger Abbey

Pride and Prejudice & Northanger Abbey

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Actor: Elizabeth Garvie

Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Brand: BBC Warner

Director: Various

Edition: Standard Edition


  • Shrink-wrapped

Format: Multiple Formats

Genre: Dramas

Number Of Discs: 2

Publisher: BBC

Release Date: 2015-08-25

Running Time: 316

Details: Pride and Prejudice
Shot on location in the beautiful English countryside, this flurry of romantic courtships full of injured pride and unfounded prejudice springs vividly to life in this remastered production of Jane Austen s most famous novel Pride and Prejudice.

The story of the lively, precocious andvery eligible Bennet girls captures all the nuances of 18th century life among the English gentry, a society obsessed with profitable marriage contracts. When the wealthy and aloof Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth Bennet at a dance, the tension and romance of their relationship is sparked, while the family beauty Jane attracts the attention of a gentleman presumed to be above her station. Her flirtatious younger sister Lydia lands herself in a steamy scandal that could ruin the reputation and chances of all the Bennet sisters.

Northanger Abbey
A tale of intrigue, adventure and romance, this enchanting, remastered dramatization captures the
romance of Jane Austen s classic novel Northanger Abbey.

The setting is eighteenth-century Bath, a society of decadence and deceit, into which Catherine Morland arrives bursting with freshness, integrity and a passion for macabre gothic novels. In a time when materialism, not love, governs marriage, Catherine s head is full of fantasy and fiction, of maidens being abducted to sinister castles and heroes riding to the rescue on white horses. When romantic Henry Tilney invites her to his ancestral home, Northanger Abbey, a dark mystery starts to unfold that makes her blood run cold. Are her fantasies coming true? What does the brooding General Tilney want from her and will the truth destroy her chance for love...?

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